Zirker v. Metro Nashville Police Department

3:07-cv-00378 | M.D. Tenn. | Mar 11, 2011

€§:» »~:§5 m h:,/" v To: Judge Haynes, Jr. / Clerk §R§M§:§§§R§§§:Y From: Vincent E. Zirker FEB{“? ZUH _ » 2- -11 w § @“T comm #16663 075 3 U @_ ill vigil OF .TENN United States Penitentiary Lompoc, CA 93436 :i§ ;C:)C?<:&/ LME:);§S lllll¢¢ §§ZZ§;§@?£%Z¢£§/ Ho e this letter finds ou in reat s irits ....... p Y g P m@&.¢/%/ (1). Sir, l am writing concerning the attorney appoi ted Ms. Deanna l B. Johnson. l was suppose to be filing an reply to the governments response.é%£¢ApH%/ wm To this date l haven't been able to contact her by phone or by letter, esp- kit%£¢&:¢u/ ecially being out here in California where there is a two hour difference. ZJYLA:§M M: Z Sir, the only thing l am asking is to have a full fledge oppotunity to have 5%~%17@/”4¢ part in litigating my 4th Amendment claim an other issue's presented to you Z;z:;%¢zéd;wy Z""“““ in my § 2255. Sir, l would like to have an oppotunity to meet with Ms. JohnsonA%§‘jW CV?L“ 9@33¢¢1M in order to explain my issue's. l still have other proceeding after this.§jé>M Wx§l§;zz§§// (2). l requested an Certificate Of appealability concerning my Civil Action éwi&¢j?/ on the question, How can the court find the police officer's more creditable than me, when l was aquitted at federal trial by the jury? Sir, this question has a broad interpretation and that the law in criminal cases doesn't allow the court to overturn an jury verdict found by an jury unless it is clearly erroneous. Sir l have yet to receive an response, could l please have a copy of my dockket sheets Civil Action 3:07-0378 an a copy of the last two pages of my criminal docket of the filing of my § 2255. Always Respectable to you in your Court Room;M N¢MW /M,a» K:iw WWWWM:: § //*< mf;"wfhwa b g z n Y