Wolf v. Whitney

No. 83-C-0361 | La. | Mar 25, 1983

Lead Opinion

In re: Ronald L. Whitney applying for Certiorari, or writ of review to the court of Appeal, 424 So. 2d 300" date_filed="1982-11-16" court="La. Ct. App." case_name="Wolf v. Whitney">424 So.2d 300, First Circuit, Parish of East Baton Rouge, Number 82 CA 0124, from the 19th Judicial District Court, Number 236,969, Division “I”.

Denied. The result is correct.

Concurrence Opinion


concurs. The court of appeal dicta, indicating that the transfer of an interest in a landowning partnership must meet the formal requirements for transferring immovable property, may be incorrect, if La.C.C. Art. 2801-2848 (as reenacted by Act 150 of 1980) is applicable. However, the result is correct.