Wieker v. Mesa County Valley School District No. 51

1:05-cv-00806 | D. Colo. | Sep 14, 2006

Case 1:05-cv-00806-WYD-CBS Document 71 Filed 09/14/06 USDC Colorado Page 1 of 1

IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Magistrate Judge Craig B. Shaffer Civil Action No. 05 cv 00806 WYD CBS FTR Reporter Deck Courtroom A402 Date: September 14, 2006 Courtroom Deputy: Ben Van Dyke ______________________________________________________________________________ JESSICA WIEKER, et al., Michael J. Grattan, III (via telephone)

Plaintiffs, v. MESA COUNTY VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT David A. Price (via telephone) NO. 51,

Defendant. ______________________________________________________________________________ COURTROOM MINUTES / MINUTE ORDER ______________________________________________________________________________ HEARING: FINAL PRETRIAL CONFERENCE Court in Session: 11:08 a.m. Court calls case. Appearance of counsel. The proposed final pretrial order is discussed. Counsel discuss remaining issues with the court. ORDERED: The Unopposed Motion to Modify the Scheduling Order to Depose Nancy

Hogshead Makar dated September 5, 2006 (doc. 65) is granted. ORDERED: The proposed Final Pretrial Order, which was submitted to the court, is approved and made an order of court. HEARING CONCLUDED. Court in Recess: 11:38 a.m. Total In Court Time: 00:30