Walthour v. Rayonier, Inc.

2:06-cv-00041 | S.D. Ga. | Mar 6, 2006


Case 2:06-cv-00041-AAA Document 10-2 Filed 03/06/06 Page 1 of 1 40 United States District Cour t Southern District of Georgia Cato Walthou r Case No . CV 206-41 Plaintiff Appearing on behalf o f V. Defendant Rayonier Inc . Defendant (Plaintiff/Defendant ) ORDER OF ADMISSION It appearing to the Court that the requirements stated in LR83 .4 admission pro hac vice have been satisfied, Petitioner 's request to appear pro hac vice in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia in the subject case is GRANTED .

I This b 1 ty of March , 200 6 Evan H. Pontz NAME OF PETITIONER : Troutman Sanders LL P Business Address : Firm/Business Name Suite 5200 Bank of America Plaz a Street Addres s 600 Peachtree St ., N.E. Atlanta GA 3030 8 Street Address (con't) City State Zi p Mailing Address (if other than street address ) Address Line 2 City, State, Zip 404-885-3518 58357 7

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