United States v. SPENCER

2:02-cr-00449 | D.N.J. | Jun 17, 2008

Case 2:02-cr-OO449-DI\/|C Document 45 Filed 06/17/08 Page 1 of 3 Page|D: 3 I’R()B lZ(' (7."93) fluith States _District Court for District of New Jersey Petition for Warrant or Summons for Offender Under Supervision Na:ne Ql`()fl`enffer: Dcvz§l' S;")@nccz` Docket l\"mnbm‘: {}2~{`}()449-(}26 l’AC'I`S Number: 32~"£% blame ol`Sentencing .¥udic.i:il Off`lccr: PEONORABE,E Z)enni$ z'\/l, C.Tzw‘anzl;z@ §)af:e of()riginal Sentence: l 515/2002 ()r§;;inaf Oi`f€nse: C`ons[")§rz-zc-y 10 {)i:s£rihul€ Con§z'o§l'ed Substuzzces Origim:l Senteuce: 45 molit§zs impriso:m]em; 4 years Sup@rvis€d zcl€zlse. 'f`yp€ ofSupervisioH: Supcr\/isccl rclc:a§<: Date Supervision Comme.nced: l}Q/’Z():"GS Assisfant U.S. Atterney: Melissa jam;)ol, <)7{}31‘011d Su"c:elq Room 502, Ncwark, N@w `l@rsey {)7]02, (973) 645~270€) OF§ginal i)ef€nse Attorne}_': E'{sza Rof§zl"l€ld (Appoin£cc§}, l‘)*£l W, ;\flt. Plczzsanl Av@lzuc-, Livingstc)zz, l\§ew ler.~";ey 0703*), {973) 74(")~3‘)87 PE'I_`ITIONING 'I"HE COURT §:X:l TO issue 21 warrant to act 213 a detainer |' l To issue a summons ?h@ probation 01`1`1€@1' believes that the offender 1135 violated the l`€)ll<)w’ing Com§z`iio:z(s_) Ol`supez'\='isiozz: \-"i<)l;ztlc)n Numl)€i' Naiuz‘c ofN<)m:<)z'm}lizm€@ l 'Fhe azi`i"€zz§`;1 wcazpc)n, zule felon in poss<:;\‘sl<):z 0£` 21 vva:ap@!':. E'{e is presently incarccz'zztc<'l at the l~luc§sozz C.`.Oun§y (.`Qz'zc€ticnal §*`acility'. 'l`hc offender has violate-ci the supervision C{)ndil;`c)n which states ‘You Shai¥ not %\J be Case 2:02-cr-OO449-DI\/|C Document 45 Filed 06/17/08 Page 2 of 3 Page|D: 4 Pi{(.)i$ §ELT v i’ugc 2 E")c\, or S;)cncc:‘ commit another federal, siatc, or Eocni crime." ()n i\€a§ch l(), 2(){)€§, thc oi`i`cnc§crwas issued ii summons 'i`or ohs£rnct§ng o puh§ic possing in .lc.i"scy’ C§ty, l\icw .lc§‘scy. Thc incitioni occurred on 458 Bci'gcn Avcnuo {_in the vicinity o{i?»c:"gcn and ics:`ngton Avcnucs). O'n Nlnrch 28, Q;GOE), hc appc-zn"cd in Munic§pul Couri, pled gui§ty to thc ciial'gc, and :'ocoi\=’cil s §§ 33 tinc. Thc ol`l`cni§cr has \”ioln§c-d inc su§icrvision condition which states "The defendant shaii not possess a firearm or destructive devicc. §’rohotion must he revoked for possession of il i`ircarnz,’ As csidcnccd hy his .lunc ii :n'z‘cst, thc ol"i`cnd.cr i§lc§,;ally possession a ¥ninclgun. Tlic offench has violaicd inc supervision condition Which states ‘You shall report to tile probation officer as directed by tile Court or probation officer, and shall Suf)mit a trutht`ui and compietc written report within the iirst five days of each month.’ Tlic ot`i`cndcr has no§ submitted any monthly supervision rcpoi‘ts since Dcccinhcr 2{}()() despite being rcniinilcii to so on z‘cpcntc-d occasions '§"hc ol"l`cncicr has vio§znccl thc supervision Condi§ion th'ch states LYou shall answer truthfully ai§ inquiries by the probation officer and follow the instructions of thc probation officcr.’ .Al"£cr ocng cited l`oz‘ obstructing 3 pui)i:`c pussagc (458 Bcz‘gcn A\"cnnc} on z"via:‘ch l(l._ Z(l()o, tiic ol`l"cndc:' weis instructed lo refrain i_`rorn fi'cquon£ing than arco as it is Wc§] known £_`or i§lcgal drug sales and gong-related activities l"lowcvcr_, ziccording to thc FBZ, thc offender was again observed in thc arco on Fchruary iq 2()()3, and Wzis n witness fo a shooting Thc o{fcndcr subsequently t.ranspoz'icd the shoo£ing victim §o the hospi£al. 'i`h.c oftench '{ai§ed to follow thc instructions given to him ivy i§zc. probation office by continuing to f`roqucnt that noigiihorhooci. "§`hc ot`i`c-;zdcr nos \»‘ioiat.cd thc supervision condition winch stores “You shaif not frequent places where controlled substances arc if|egali)," solel, uscd` distributcci, or ailniinis€ercd.’ isz indicated above {chzirgc 5"), the offender Wz-‘zs oi)sc:"\-"cd in ihc arco ot`Bcrgon ann Loxz`ng§on Ascnucs in _lorsc.y C§Ly on ct §cus§ two occasions ri`his arco is wol_l-l<§';own §`or narcotics iral`lici\-"§§ocs;s to. fhc offender ncvcr z'cportcti this §ziw cnl_`o:'ccnicnt contact to thc pro§mtion officer l dcc.lorc under penalty ofpcr_§ury that too t`orc