United States v. Self Estate

3:05-cv-02137 | W.D. La. | Mar 26, 2007

T ' 1 P elD #: 135 wesT;'F§§§§H,E§KU,,Q;;LS?-RGJ-RHS Documem 11 Flled 03/26/07 Pagelof ag RECEIV D MAR 2 6 2007 a … @LERN._ U. s. DEPARTMENT oF JUsTICE :WW;"EM °EP“‘"" UNITED sTATEs MARSHALS sERvICE wEsTERN DISTRICT oF LoUISIANA MONROE DIVISION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. C.A. 05-2137 DUNHAM C. SELF (DECEASED) AND JESSIE CATHERINE GREGORY SELF ORDER TO APPOINT THIRD APPRAISER The United States Marshal’s sale in this suit is scheduled for April ll, 2007 , at ten o’clock a.m. in Rayville, Louisiana with benefit of appraisal Appraisals were submitted as follows: Defendant Plaintiff Farm Equipment $4,700.00 Farm Equipment $2,925.00 According to Louisiana R.S. 13:4365, B. In those cases where the two appraisers do not agree and the values are not within the averaging limits, then the sheriff shall appoint a third appraiser. . . Due to the differences and the complexity of such an appraisal IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that a third appraiser, Whose decision will be final, be appointed as follows: Mr. Howard Morgan Tallulah, La. For a fee of $99.00. The appraisal fee will be taxed as costs in this suit. THUS DONE AND SIGNED THIS ZQ day of M ar Vl" , 2007, at Shreveport, Louisiana /»\1+»/\ U. s. MAGISTRATE JUDRE MARK L. HoRNsBY