United States v. Ruffin

2:04-cr-20312 | W.D. Tenn. | Jun 9, 2005

Case 2:04-cr-20312-.]PI\/| Document 39 Filed 06/09/05 Page 1 of 2 Page|D 52 HURJBF LJ uc, IN THE UNITED sTATE:s DISTRICT cOURT 05 JUN-Q PH ?.h FOR THE wEsTERN DISTRICT oF TENNESSEE R ` 0 wESTERN DIVISION OBEHT , §LEP:, T;j`.‘&. t ;)irrj;" 10 .D t'_`»f' "T\:, w,fv¢pHr:; UNITED STATES OF A.MERICA, Plaintiff, v. Cr. No. 04-20312 ARTHUR RUFFIN, Defendant. ~._/~._»-._.»~__,~_,,`__¢~.._,~__.\.._/~._/ ORDER OF REFERENCE Before the Court is the pro se motion of Defendant Arthur Ruffin requesting new counsel be appointed to represent him in this case. The motion was filed June B, 2005. This matter is referred to the United States Magistrate Judge for determination and for appointment of new counsel, if appropriate. Any exceptions to the magistrate judge's order shall be made within ten (10) days of the magistrate judge's order, setting forth particularly those portions of the order excepted to and the reasons for the exceptions. IT IS SO ORDERED THIS DAY OF June, 2005. mt w JO PHIPPS MCCALLA ITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE This docl_ment entered on the docket sheet in co _ptiance lwith H\ue 55 and;or azrbt mch on __ (z-'LL_O-$ UNITED sTATE DISTRIC COURT - WE TER D'S'TRCT oFTENNESSEE Notice of Distribution This notice confirms a copy of the document docketed as number 39 in case 2:04-CR-203 12 Was distributed by faX, mail, or direct printing on June 14, 2005 to the parties listed. Michael EdWin Scholl THE SCHOLL LAW FIRM 8 S. Third St. Fourth Floor l\/lemphis7 TN 38103--238 Arthur Orlando Ruftin WTDF 19834076 P.O. Box 509 l\/lason7 TN 38049 Joseph C. Murphy U.S. ATTORNEY'S OFFICE 167 N. Main St. Ste. 800 l\/lemphis7 TN 38103 Honorable S. Anderson US DISTRICT COURT