United States v. Rodriguez

3:09-cr-00130 | D. Conn. | Oct 9, 2009

Case 3:09-Cr-00130-SRU Document 272 Filed 10/09/09 Page 1 of 1 ili-i(R;lE__F-;:_lzi:.lze\ii??f?§ iii C ;'"Jrf UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT F£il ’ ° l ..... lies DISTRICT OF CONNECTICUT UNITED STATES OF AMERch v_ § amer sza(sse) J_QFHFS MQ-C?Fllf}~ QMRM The defendant, jarvis s. Mf»tcnl¢~ , having applied for permission to enter a plea of guilty, hereby consents to have a United States Magistrate Judge hear the application and to administer the allocution pursuant to F.R. Cr'im. P., Rule ll. CONSENTED TO: DEFENDANT: dev/f W»z// i Oiéi {l()"” / ATTORNEY FOR DEFENDANT:@L (} [INITED STATES ATTORNEY / v/¢/¢> 9 BY A.U.S.A.: f- Dar{e / ,.