United States v. Rodriguez

1:07-cr-00266 | S.D. Ala. | Feb 1, 2011

Report and Order Terminating

Probation Form No. [35] Supervised Release (u92)

Prior to Orieinal Expiration Date UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF ALABAMA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Criminal. No, : 07-00266-006 v. Kimberlv Lashaundra Knisht OnJune L2,2009,theabove-namedoffenderwasplacedonsupervisedreleaseforaperiodofthree years. Since that time, Knight has earned a B.S. Degree in Business/Marketing from the University employmentat a lawful occupation. She is presently employedas a customer service representative at Mobile Gas Service Corporation located at 2828 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama. As the offender has complied with the rules and regulations of supervision, it is recommendedthat she be discharged from supervised release,

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The offender is due to expire from supervision on June I 1,2012. On January 27 ,2011, the probation '.r| m

officer contacted Assistant U.S. Afiorney Deborah A. Griffin regarding the offender's early rf,l termination from supervision, Ms. Griffin advised that she has no objection to Knight being granted earlv release. l*

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Alan R. Watkins U.S. Probation Offrcer

ORDER OF THE COURT Pursuant to the above report, it is ordered that the defendant is discharged from Supervised Release and that the proceedings in the case be terminated. Dated this J 8r aay of 4a^ ^, ^ ^t ,20 l1 V.S CALLIE V.S. G UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE Date: January 26 ,ZOtt