United States v. Pettit

1:05-mj-00030 | D. Colo. | Jan 20, 2006

CB_S€ 1105-mj-OOO30-G.]R DO '[ ll ' JHN-19-200@ THU 02:53 PH U s DISTCRLIJEY€EOURT F"ed 01/§§)€0§0. %YGD §4?%'201r?d0 Page 1 05.493 %AO 2458 (R:v. 06!05) Judgmcn£ in a Crimlnal Cas: 5hch 1 __. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT District of Co|orado UNITED sTATEs OF AMERlCA JUDGMENT IN A CRIMINAL CASE V. DARRELL EUGENE PETT‘T Case Number: OS-mj-OOGSO-GJR USM Numbcr: Pro se Dc{`endam’s Anarn¢'-'y THE. DEFENDANT: Mplcadod guilty to counr(s) ONE E:l pleaded nolo contendere to count(s) which was accepted by the court. [`_`| was found guilty on ccunr(s) aim a piea of not guilty. The defendant is adjudicated guilty ofthuse offense-st " ‘ ‘- M l Co:u._m… An'.'.- :'i¢z¢z/zoos _-`_GNE;;` TiIF¢ _& rS\’_:(_.'_fiQI__!_ Ngtu-r¢_:_ of Offense The defendant is sentenced as provided in pages 2 through 5 of lhis judgman 'Ehe sentence is imposed pursuant to the Semencing Rcform Act of 1984. ij The defendant has been found not guilty on count(s) |:] Count(s) f_:l is l:l are dismissed on the mo:ion of thc Unized States. . _ 1: is ordered ghar Lhe defendant _must notify the Unjted States attoruey for :his di§tr§ct within 30 davs ot`gny_chal§ge ofname. resid¢l‘_l¢¢, or maxim address unul_all fines, rcamunon,|cosls, and spec\a\ assessmenle ampesed‘r_:y thus judgmey.t are fu`{ly paxd. 1er erecl m pay resncutson, the dean ant must notify the court and Umtcd Scates attorney of materm§ changes m economic carcumstances. 1!10/2006 Sig\\~.mxr\: of ludgc GUDRUN R¥CE KJSMag'\strate Jud§e Namc of.!udge 'l`it[c ofJudgc D… icg/l >00§0 nn§t%§?o]o`e°l‘iiii‘l‘ji)?‘?§’?%i?d@ n?§t%l€te@bdr“t F"ed 01/€£%01@0. ‘M)§t?%%i@do Pa@e 2 9§.404 A.O 2459 (Rcv` 06!05} .Tudgment in Criminol Caso Shcet 2 _ Imprisonmcnt _ judgment - Pagc 2 of 5 DEFENDANT; oAnRELt Euoonz Pztrn cASE NUMBBR.- os-mj-oooao-orn IMPRISONMENT 'l`lte defendant is hereby committed to the custody of the United States Bnreau of Prisons to bc imprisoned for a total term ot`: SiX MONTHS, SUSPENDED FOR TWO YEARS ON CONDIT!ONS THAT DEFENDANT HAVE NO FL|RTHER CRlMiNAL VlOLATiONS] A`|'TEND ALL COURT F’ROCEED|NGS AND SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE Al.L TERMS AND CONDIT|ONS OF PROBAT|ON IN CASE OS-CR-232 lN EAGLE COUNTY, COLORADO \:l The court makes the following recommendations to the Bnreau of Prisons: l:i The defendant is remanded to the custody of the United Statcs Mnrshal. ij The defendant shall surrender to the United Srates Nlareh,al for this d-itstrict‘v C] at Ci a.m. [:} p.m. on [:| as notified by the United States Marshal. [_-_} T‘m: defendant shall surrender for service of sentence at the institution designated by the Bureau of Pri sons'. [] before 2 p.m. on ij as notified by the United Statcs Marshal. ij as notified by the Probation or Pretn`ol Services Ot`t'tce. RETURN l have executed tins judgment as follows Defcndant delivered on to at , with a certified copy of this judgment tJNITED S‘t.»tr\~:s MAR.SHA.L B>’ oEt»UTY UN:TED STA?ES MA\LSHAL iii?fe§-‘§o“n:i°$rillllb%?@?°n?tl% i[i§)fil'ile'ibiliii F"ed°l/i°=iioio.Ueii>§i?‘i§)li‘do Pa@e~°°"i.‘les .A.O 2455 (Rev. 06.'05) Judgmcnt in ii Criminal Casc Sheer 5 ~ Crirnlmil Monetary l’eniiities Iudgmcn t - P.tge 3 of 5 DEFENDANT: DARRELL EUGENE PETTtT CASE NUMBER; oe-mj-oooao-G.in CRIMINAL MONETARY PENALTI'ES Tite defendant must pay the total criminal monetary penalties under the schedule oi`payments on Sheet 6. Aiiiiestiment Fine Restitution TOTALS $ 1039 5 $ m The determination of restitution is deferred until . Ari Amended Judgmeiii‘ i'ri n C`ri'iiii`nal Case (AO 245€) wiil be entered after such determination [:l The defendant must make restitution (irlcitiding community i'estitution) to the following payees in the amount listed below. if the defendant makes a partial paymenl,'etich! payee shall receive nn approximately roBortioned ayment, unless specified otherwise in the priority order or percentage payment coiumn .S. §`}, before the United States is paid. . § 3664 elow. However, pursuant to 18 all nonfederal victims must be paid Restitution Ordered Priori§g or Perecntnge TOTAI_S $ O.UO g 0.00 l:i Restitiition amount ordered pursuant to plea agreement $ ij The defendant must pay interest on restitution and n fine ot'more than $21500, unless the restitution or fine is paid in full before the fifteenth clay after the date of thejuclgment, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3612(1"). Ail of the payment options on Sheet 6 may be subject to penalties for delinquency and default, pursuant to 13 U.S.C. § 3612(§). ij `[he court determined that the defendant does not have the ability m pay interest and it is ordered thnc: \:] the interest requirement is waived for the [] fine l:| restitution |:I the interestrequirement fertile ij fine ij restitution is modifiedasfollows: * Findings for the total amount of losses are re<%uired under C`napters iOQA, l 101 l lOA` oncl l lBA of 'l`itle i 3 for offenses committed on or after Septembcr 13, 1994, but before J\pril 23? 199 . C 120 - '- JnN- 1398-3006 `Ei"titl“ -> AO 2459 (_Rcv. 06.'05] Judgrnent in a Criminaf Casc Shcct 6 _ Scheduie ofPs}'mcnts ll %‘?€i°"iiFtiF§ t)?§iiiiil‘i%l)iiii F"ed°l/Zii°ioli%>§t?%'§lido Page4oi,4ue _____ _"=': lodgnmt - Pag,c 4 of 5 DEFENDAN'I`: DARRELL EUGENE PETT|T CASENUMBER: 05-mj'00030-GJR SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTS I-lav'ing assessed the defendant"s ability to pay, payment of the total criminal monetary penalties are doe as follows: A 13 Lump sum payment of $ 1090 due immediately, balance due E] not latenth ,or ij in accordance l:| C, l:l D, [] E,or [:l Fbelow; or [:l Payment to begin immediately (rnny 'oe combined with l:| C_. [___l D, or [] F below}; or C [1 Payment in equal (e‘g_, weekly. monthly, quarterly} installments of $ over a period of (e.g., months or years), to commence (oig_, 30 or 60 days) after the date of this_}odgment; or D [:l Payment in equal (e.g.', n'eekly, monthly, quarterly) installments of $ over a period of {e.g., months or years‘y, to commence (e.g_, 30 or 60 days) after release from imprisonment to a term of supervision; or E {:l Payrnent during the term of supervised release will commence within (e.g., 30 or 60 days) after release from imprisonment '}"he court will set the payment plan based on an assessment oi` the defendant’s ability to pay at that timc; or F [:| Special instructions regarding the payment of criminal monetary penalties; pnle_ssthe court has expressl ordered\:)‘tttc*.rwise,ii`ti\\'nju<;l\§_!i_'lnen'cirnr.io.tesirnprison.rn