United States v. Mendoza-Alvarez

1:06-mj-01078 | D. Colo. | Apr 24, 2006

Case 1:06-mj-OlO78-|\/|JW Document 9 Fi|eo| 04/24/06 USDC Co|orao|o Page 1 of 1 § AO 467 (Rev. 9!03) Order for Defendant to Appeag UNITED STATES DISTRICT CoURT DISTRICT OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V' ORDER THAT DEFENDANT APPEAR IN DISTRICT OF PROSECUTION OR DISTRICT HAV}NG PROBATION JURISDICTION AND TRANSFERRING BAIL (l. i'»?rr\ ¢"Ar d Af ') CASENUMBER: 'OL”W:T“ Ol ‘:“7 c§/ B‘)LJK,__V`/Lvl_,,b--# A/{b’/'}W~CL, CHARGING instalch . - CASENUMBER: M 3 (>'~t- 03 5 l The defendant having appeared before this Court and proceedings having been concluded and the defendant released; lT IS ORDERED that the defendant be held to answer in the United States District Court for the ' L/ §;M if § Dietttet er WL)L€;,JL/\/ ; end that the Clerk er court etten transfer bail depestted into the Regietry efthis Ceutt, te the Clerk`er the Place andAddress for deposit into the registry of that Court. The defendant shall appear at all proceedings as requiredl The defendant Shall next appear at (if blank, to be notified) on mm\,\r<:( Swlp Q `,CI:`> Y’\’W"__ Dale and Time W%M’%" Ww~-»a Signa£ttre oth/td(g€ `// MlCHAEL J. WATANABE / \ P't"\_/U:C 1" L?[ l l g e) b U.S. MAGISTRATE JUDGE ll Daze l Name qf.]udge Tz'zle Q{`Judge