United States v. Martin

2:04-cr-20245 | W.D. Tenn. | Oct 28, 2005

Case 2:04-cr-20245-.]PI\/| Document 35 Filed 10/28/05 Page 1 of 3 Pa e|D 48 l`N 'I`HE UNITED S'I`ATES DISTRICT COUR'IH.EDBY____ _____,_,_M FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE wEsTERN DIVISION OSDCT 28 PH l= |`I THO%¢AS ¢"d. GOULD CLER'!\. U.S. D|STH!CT U.HT W/D OF TN. MBJPHS UNITED STATES OF AMERICF-\. Plaintiff, V . M./@.A¢mr /We/em/ Criminal No.ézf:£&?z%?x§ml (30~Day Continuance) \_,`_,`_,`_,`_/~_/-__,~__,\_,`_,`_,~_,V`,,~__¢__,~_,~__,`_,~_/ Defendant(s). CONSENT ORDER ON CRIMINAL CASE CONTINUANCE AND EXCLUSION OF TIME As indicated by the signatures below, the United States, through its Assistant United States Attorney, and counsel for the defendant(s) have agreed that, for good cause, this case should be continued for reasons resulting in the exclusion of time under the Speedy Trial Act. The case is currently set on the November, 2005, criminal rotation calendar, but is now RESET for report at QLQQ a.m. on Wednesdav, November 23, 2005, With trial to take place on the December, 2005 rotation calendar with the time excluded under the Speedy Trial Act through December 16, 2005. Agreed in Open court at report date this 28th day of Octoberr 2005. Thie document entered en ihe docket sheet m cemp!lance with Ruie 35 ancilch 32(b) FRCrP on "O Case 2:04-cr-20245-.]PI\/| Document 35 Filed 10/28/05 Page 2 of 3 Page|D 49 30 ORDERED this 223‘;h day of october, 2005. , m (*.QQ.` JO PHIPPS MCCALLA U TED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE //M/Tw\ §§sistant United States Attorney V§/&AA/ML/d/Jg:/M/p //M/\/ /%,£7 Counsel for Defendant(s) UNITED sTATE ISTRIC COURT - WSTERN D'S'TRCT oFTENNESSEE Notice of Distribution This notice confirms a copy of the document docketed as number 35 in case 2:04-CR-20245 Was distributed by faX, mail, or direct printing on October 31, 2005 to the parties listed. LaWrence W. Kern KERN LAW FIRM 51 18 Park Avenue Ste. 600 1\/1emphis7 TN 38117--571 Michael Martin WTDF/G101 09221-033 P.O. Box 509 1\/lason7 TN 38049 Camille Reese McMullen U.S. ATTORNEY'S OFFICE 167 N. Main St. Ste. 800 1\/1emphis7 TN 38103 Honorable .1 on McCalla US DISTRICT COURT