United States v. Lopez

7:06-cr-01169 | S.D.N.Y. | Feb 8, 2007

Case 7:06-cr-01169-KI\/|K Document 24 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK UNITED STATES OF AMERICA _V_ WALDI LEMUS-ESAU SAGASTUME, Mcl\/Iahon, J. Filed 02/09' 17 l-)QI`ID l I‘T l r . v\ .,~.......__.»~_~ usii)r:¥§r)*:=_~§v* D:_‘)»:i:u.»rr;wr l;`.l..l:`:Cl`§€;O`I‘»IE€AX..LY Fll_,ED '“ Ya!"`,f"` 4.,1. ;I\j’~_, r.’. ...... »--“-_-_--w~ IJA'I_`E lill.l`:§l): 06 CR 1169 (CM) ORDER ACCEPTING THE PLEA ALLOCUTION BEFORE A U.S. MAGISTRATE JUDGE On January 3, 2007, United States Magistrate Judge Lisa Margaret Smith presided over the plea allocution in the above captioned matter and reported and recommended that the named defendant’s plea of guilty be accepted The Court having reviewed the transcript of the allocution, the charging papers, and all other pertinent parts of the record, finds that the plea accords With the requirements of Rule ll of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. Accordingly, the Court adjudges defendant guilty of the offense(s) to Which the guilty plea Was offered The Clerk is directed to enter the plea. February 6, 2007 White Plains, NY So/o\zn l ERED:\1 \ ve ,. il Colleen McMahon, U.S.D.J. s.,....,......“w . .W.¢,~,‘..,_,,