United States v. Gonzalez

7:21-cr-00758 | S.D.N.Y. | Apr 4, 2022

1....,ase t .L.1-cr-uut::)O-I\.IVII\. uucurnem Lo r-11eu V'+tV'+tLL l"'ctye .L u1 .L Case 7:21-cr-00758-KMK Document 29 Filed 04/04/22 Page 1 of 1 IRE T AW OEFlCES OF SEANM---MAHER~LL April 4, 2022 VIAECF Hon. Kenneth M. Karas United States District Judge United States Courthouse 300 Quarropas Street White Plains, New York 10601 Re: United States v. Wilfredo Gonzalez, 21 Cr. 758 (KMK) and United States v. Wilfredo Gonzalez, 12 Cr. 111 (KMK) (VOSR) Dear Judge Karas: On behalf of defendant Wilfredo Gonzalez, I respectfully write to request that the sentencing hearing currently scheduled for April 19, 2022 be adjourned to a date within the following list of dates: June 23, June 27-30, July 5, and July 7-8, 2022; and that all sentencing submissions be adjourned in accordance with any new sentencing date set by the Court. I make this request in relation to both Mr. Gonzalez's new case captioned 21 Cr. 758 (KMK) and his companion VOSR case captioned 12 Cr. 111 (KMK). The reason for this request is that I am still in the process of collecting records and mitigation material on behalf of Mr. Gonzalez. This is the first defense request for an adjournment of the sentencing hearing. I have conferred with the government concerning the defense's adjournment request and have been informed by AUSA Steven Kochevar that the government has no objection to the defense's request. ffi cJh I_/) J . rt L J LlUh ¼ CL Respectfully submitted, ISi {vi J/ g 6 fo1wcJJJ ()-In Sean M. Maher J ~ 1, ;1 0 ,1 -;i oi:: d : 3o ,NJ Counsel for Wilfredo Gonzalez The Law Offices of Sean M. Maher, PLLC 2796 Sedgwick Avenue, Suite Cl Bronx, NY-104-68 (212) 661-5333 (34 7) 548-9959 fax HM. KAI