United States v. Flores-Ceron

3:07-cr-00034 | D. Conn. | Jan 31, 2008

United States D.istr§ct Court Dttt_ st Cenneetir::.it Fli.?£i.`} A'i` EH£DGEFOHT D|STR|CT OF CONNECTICUT UNITED STATES OF AMER|CA CR|M. NO.3:O7cr34 (JCH) v. JUL|O FLORES-CERON FlND|NG AND RECO|VI|V|ENDAT|ON ON A PLEA OF GU|LTY Fol|owing referral of the captioned matter to me by Judge Janet C. |-la||, with the written consent of the defendant, counsel for the defendant and counsel for the United States, and following a hearing held in open court and on the record, based upon the answers given by the defendant under oath, on the reoord, and in the presence of counsel; and the remarks of defense counsel and the Assistant United States Attorneyr l (1) FlND that the defendant is competent to plead, that defendant understands the charges against him, that he knows his rights to trial and appea|, that he knows what the maximum possible sentence and term of supervised release are, and that the sentencing guidelines may app|y; that there is a factual basis for the defendants plea, waiver of rights and plea of guilty have been knowingly and voluntarily made and not coerced; and (2) RECO|V|MEND to Judge Hal| that the defendant's plea of guilty be accepted lt is so ordered. ENTERED at Bridgeport, Connecticut, this 31St day of January 2008. HoLLYB iTzsi lvioNs 7 u.s.iviA ‘rRA EJuDoE