United States v. Day

4:22-mj-70162 | N.D. Cal. | Feb 22, 2022


Case 4:22-mj-70162-MAG Document 6 Filed 02/22/22 Page 1 of 1 AO 94 (Rev. 06/09) Commitment to Another District Feb 22 2022 (cid:45)(cid:65)(cid:82)(cid:75) (cid:25) (cid:34) (cid:2)(cid:25) (cid:34)(cid:85)(cid:83)(cid:66)(cid:89)

U NITED S TATES D ISTRICT C OURT (cid:4)(cid:15)(cid:6)(cid:19)(cid:14)(cid:1)(cid:25)(cid:23)(cid:2)(cid:20)(cid:2)(cid:25)(cid:5)(cid:10)(cid:20)(cid:21)(cid:19)(cid:11)(cid:4)(cid:21)(cid:25)(cid:4)(cid:18)(cid:23)(cid:19)(cid:21)(cid:25) (cid:17)(cid:18)(cid:19)(cid:21)(cid:9)(cid:6)(cid:19)(cid:17)(cid:25)(cid:5)(cid:12)(cid:20)(cid:21)(cid:19)(cid:10)(cid:4)(cid:22)(cid:25)(cid:18)(cid:7)(cid:25)(cid:4)(cid:3)(cid:16)(cid:12)(cid:7)(cid:18)(cid:19)(cid:17)(cid:10)(cid:3)(cid:25) for the (cid:20)(cid:3)(cid:17)(cid:25)(cid:13)(cid:18)(cid:20)(cid:6)(cid:25) Northern District of California __________ District of __________ United States of America ) v. ) ) Case No. 4:22-mj-70162 MAG STEVEN L. DAY ) ) Charging District’s ) Case No. 4:21cr-00220-03-RK

Defendant COMMITMENT TO ANOTHER DISTRICT The defendant has been ordered to appear in the Western District of Missouri , division. The defendant may need an interpreter for this language: Kentucky (if applicable) . The defendant: (cid:117) will retain an attorney. (cid:117) is requesting court-appointed counsel.

The defendant remains in custody after the initial appearance. IT IS ORDERED: The United States marshal must transport the defendant, together with a copy of this order,

to the charging district and deliver the defendant to the United States marshal for that district, or to another officer authorized to receive the defendant. The marshal or officer in the charging district should immediately notify the United States attorney and the clerk of court for that district of the defendant’s arrival so that further proceedings may be promptly scheduled. The clerk of this district must promptly transmit the papers and any bail to the charging district. Date: 02/22/2022

Judge’s signature Judge’s signature Nathanael M. Cousins, United States Magistrate Judge Printed name and title