United States v. Cynthia Glaze

2:91-cv-12105 | C.D. Cal. | Dec 20, 1991

\OWQO\M&WN\~ \-oo-ol-‘h-»o-¢o-o\-o-¢\- m`l¢\M-PUN*"‘Q 19 21 23 25 26 27 28 LoURDEs G. BAIRD ' C,_ERK’U_S‘F»L`EQ;_{ United States Attorney DBWUFGIMT LEON W. WEIDMAN Assistant United States Attorney DEC 2 0599' Chief, Civil Division ALVAN M. JoFFE ' . CENTRAL msfmcrop A AssIsTANT UNITED s'rATEs ATToRNEY BY §L‘,§g§§]r¢“""--?N\\ 312 NoRTH sPRING sTREE'r ' "`L'=°RI< u_s g,ERED ~_.~.._ Los ANGELES, cA 90012 mST”'CTCOL/Rr 312-894-2470 Attorneys for the Plaintiff UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, COURT NO: CV 91A~12105 Plaintiff, D_EF_LU_LI_J_UQSM‘II V. CYNTHIA GLAZE ) ) ) ) ) § Defendant(s). ) ) In the above-entitled action, an affidavit on behalf of the plaintiff satisfying the requirements of Rule 55 having been filed; IT IS ADJUDGED that the United States of America, plaintiff, do have an recover of and from CYNTHIA GLAZE, sum of $500.00 as principal, $177.22 as accrued prejudgment interest, $191.00 administrative charges, a surcharge of $71.91, and $20.00 costs, for a total amount of $960.13, plus interest at the current rate until entry of judgment. Judgment to accrue interest at the legal rate until paid. DATED= DEC 20 1991 LEONARD A. BROSNAN, CLERK U. S. District Court