United States v. CORDERO-RIVERA

2:09-cr-00359 | D.N.J. | Jul 7, 2009

Case 2:09-cr-00359-KSH Document 8 Filed 07/07/09 Page 1 of 1 PageID: 34

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF NEW JERSEY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ORDER v. Crim. No. 09-359 (SRC) GIOVANI CORDERO-RIVERA This matter having been opened to the Court upon the application of the United States of America, by Ralph 3. Marra, Jr., Acting United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey (André M. Espinosa, Assistant U.S. Attorney, appearing), for a hearing on the violation of supervised release of defendant Giovani Cordero-Rivera (“Defendant’) (Lorraine Gauli-Rufo, Assistant Federal Public Defender, appearing for Defendant); and the parties having consented; and for good cause shown,

IT IS on this ‘‘2 day of July, 2009 ORDERED that, the hearing on Defendant’s violation of supervised release is hereby

ADJOURNED until further order of the Court; and it is thither, ORDERED that, Defendant shall continue compliance with all requirements imposed as conditions of Defendant’s current supervised release. ATEYR.CSLER United States District Judge