Pragmatus Telecom, LLC v., Inc.

3:12-cv-06196 | N.D. Cal. | Aug 5, 2013

M. Elizabeth Day (SBN 177125) Rachel Repka (SBN 248331) Ian N. Feinberg (SBN 88324) David Alberti (SBN 220625) Sal Lim (SBN 211836) Yakov Zolotorev (SBN 224260) Marc Belloli (SBN 244290) FEINBERG DAY ALBERTI & THOMPSON LLP 401 Florence Street, Suite 200 Palo Alto, CA 94301 DENTONS US LLP 1530 Page Mill Road, Suite 200 Palo Alto, CA 94304-1125 Telephone: (650) 798-0300 Facsimile: (650) 798-0310

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Telephone: 650.618.4360 Facsimile: 650.618.4368 Boston, MA 02110 Telephone: (617) 248-5000 Facsimile: (617) 248-4000 Attorneys for Plaintiff PRAGMATUS TELECOM, LLC Attorneys for Defendant

BUILD.COM, INC. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA PRAGMATUS TELECOM, LLC, CASE NO. 3:12-CV-06196-MMC Plaintiff, JOINT STIPULATION TO STAY DEADLINES IN SCHEDULING ORDERS v. WHILE PARTIES MEMORIALIZE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT ; ORDER BUILD.COM, Hon. Maxine M. Chesney Defendant. Pursuant to Civil Local Rules 6-2 and 7-12, Plaintiff Pragmatus Telecom, LLC (cid:11)(cid:179)(cid:51)(cid:85)(cid:68)(cid:74)(cid:80)(cid:68)(cid:87)(cid:88)(cid:86)(cid:180)(cid:12)(cid:3)(cid:68)(cid:81)(cid:71)(cid:3)(cid:39)(cid:72)(cid:73)(cid:72)(cid:81)(cid:71)(cid:68)(cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:37)(cid:88)(cid:76)(cid:79)(cid:71)(cid:17)(cid:70)(cid:82)(cid:80)(cid:3)(cid:11)(cid:179)(cid:37)(cid:88)(cid:76)(cid:79)(cid:71)(cid:180)(cid:12)(cid:15)(cid:3)(cid:75)(cid:72)(cid:85)(cid:72)(cid:69)(cid:92)(cid:3)(cid:86)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:83)(cid:88)(cid:79)(cid:68)(cid:87)(cid:72)(cid:3)(cid:87)(cid:75)(cid:85)(cid:82)(cid:88)(cid:74)(cid:75)(cid:3)(cid:87)(cid:75)(cid:72)(cid:76)(cid:85)(cid:3)(cid:85)(cid:72)(cid:86)(cid:83)(cid:72)(cid:70)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:89)(cid:72)(cid:3) counsel of record as follows:

WHEREAS on March 29, 2013, the parties submitted a Joint Case Management Statement (Dkt. No. 32); WHEREAS, on April 8, 2013 and April 9, 2013, the Court issued an Amended Civil -1- Minutes (Dkt. No. 35) and a Pretrial Preparation Order (Dkt. No. 36), respectively, setting forth the schedule for this case;

WHEREAS, on May 17, 2013 (cid:87)(cid:75)(cid:72)(cid:3)(cid:38)(cid:82)(cid:88)(cid:85)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:74)(cid:85)(cid:68)(cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:72)(cid:71)(cid:3)(cid:87)(cid:75)(cid:72)(cid:3)(cid:83)(cid:68)(cid:85)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:72)(cid:86)(cid:182)(cid:3)(cid:83)(cid:85)(cid:76)(cid:82)(cid:85)(cid:3)(cid:77)(cid:82)(cid:76)(cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:86)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:83)(cid:88)(cid:79)(cid:68)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:82)(cid:81)(cid:3)(cid:87)(cid:82)(cid:3) modify deadlines while the parties negotiated settlement; WHEREAS, on May 30, 2013, the Court granted the parties' prior joint stipulation to modify deadlines while the parties continued to negotiate settlement; WHEREAS, the parties are currently memorializing a settlement agreement and believe a stay of deadlines in this case will facilitate the settlement and aid the parties in their efforts to resolve this litigation;
WHEREAS, the next deadlines in this case are Exchange of Preliminary Proposed Terms for Claim Construction due August 5, 2013; Joint Claim Construction Prehearing Statement; Plaintiff's opening claim construction brief due on October 14, 2013; Defendants' responsive claim construction brief due on October 28, 2013, the Tutorial and the Claim Construction Hearing set for November 18, 2013 (Dkt. No. 36);
WHEREAS, the parties are also considering a stipulation to transfer this case to the District of Delaware, where other related cases involving the Patents-In-Suit are pending, should the parties not reach resolution of this lawsuit;
WHEREAS, if the settlement agreement is not memorialized in the month of August 2013, the parties will submit a proposed schedule to the Court no later than August 31, 2013 to address any deadlines affected by this stay;
NOW THEREFORE the parties through their undersigned counsel hereby stipulate to, and respectfully request the Court to order, that deadlines, set forth in the parties Joint Case Manageme (cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:54)(cid:87)(cid:68)(cid:87)(cid:72)(cid:80)(cid:72)(cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:11)(cid:39)(cid:78)(cid:87)(cid:17)(cid:3)(cid:49)(cid:82)(cid:17)(cid:3)(cid:22)(cid:21)(cid:12)(cid:3)(cid:68)(cid:81)(cid:71)(cid:3)(cid:87)(cid:75)(cid:72)(cid:3)(cid:38)(cid:82)(cid:88)(cid:85)(cid:87)(cid:182)(cid:86)(cid:3)(cid:51)(cid:85)(cid:72)(cid:87)(cid:85)(cid:76)(cid:68)(cid:79)(cid:3)(cid:51)(cid:85)(cid:72)(cid:83)(cid:68)(cid:85)(cid:68)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:82)(cid:81)(cid:3)(cid:50)(cid:85)(cid:71)(cid:72)(cid:85)(cid:3)(cid:11)(cid:39)(cid:78)(cid:87)(cid:17)(cid:3)(cid:49)(cid:82)(cid:17)(cid:3)(cid:22)(cid:25)(cid:12)(cid:3)(cid:69)(cid:72)(cid:3) stayed until the parties memorialize their settlement agreement


Dated: August 2, 2013 -2- FEINBERG DAY ALBERTI & THOMPSON LLP DENTONS US LLP By: /s/ Marc Belloli By: /s/ Rachel Repka

M. Elizabeth Day Rachel Repka Ian N. Feinberg Carlos Perez-Albuerne David Alberti G. Mark Edgarton Sal Lim Anita M.C. Spieth Yakov Zolotorev Marc Belloli Attorneys for Defendant


Attorneys for Plaintiff





(cid:44)(cid:81)(cid:3)(cid:68)(cid:70)(cid:70)(cid:82)(cid:85)(cid:71)(cid:3)(cid:90)(cid:76)(cid:87)(cid:75)(cid:3)(cid:87)(cid:75)(cid:72)(cid:3)(cid:49)(cid:82)(cid:85)(cid:87)(cid:75)(cid:72)(cid:85)(cid:81)(cid:3)(cid:39)(cid:76)(cid:86)(cid:87)(cid:85)(cid:76)(cid:70)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:82)(cid:73)(cid:3)(cid:38)(cid:68)(cid:79)(cid:76)(cid:73)(cid:82)(cid:85)(cid:81)(cid:76)(cid:68)(cid:182)(cid:86)(cid:3)(cid:42)(cid:72)(cid:81)(cid:72)(cid:85)(cid:68)(cid:79)(cid:3)(cid:50)(cid:85)(cid:71)(cid:72)(cid:85)(cid:3)(cid:49)(cid:82)(cid:17)(cid:3)(cid:23)(cid:24)(cid:15)(cid:3)(cid:54)(cid:72)(cid:70)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:82)(cid:81)(cid:3)(cid:59)(cid:17)(cid:11)(cid:37) ), I attest that concurrence in the filing of this document has been obtained from each of other signatories who are listed on the signature pages.

Pursuant to General Rule No. 45, I shall maintain records to support this concurrence for subsequent production for the Court if so ordered, or for inspection upon request by a party until one year after final resolution of the action (including appeal, if any).
Executed this 2nd day of August, 2013 at Palo Alto, California.


By: /s/ Rachel Repka

Rachel Repka Attorneys for Defendant


Pursuant to the stipulation of the parties, it is hereby ORDERED that deadlines, set forth (cid:76)(cid:81)(cid:3)(cid:87)(cid:75)(cid:72)(cid:3)(cid:83)(cid:68)(cid:85)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:72)(cid:86)(cid:3)(cid:45)(cid:82)(cid:76)(cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:38)(cid:68)(cid:86)(cid:72)(cid:3)(cid:48)(cid:68)(cid:81)(cid:68)(cid:74)(cid:72)(cid:80)(cid:72)(cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:54)(cid:87)(cid:68)(cid:87)(cid:72)(cid:80)(cid:72)(cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:11)(cid:39)(cid:78)(cid:87)(cid:17)(cid:3)(cid:49)(cid:82)(cid:17)(cid:3)(cid:22)(cid:21)(cid:12)(cid:3)(cid:68)(cid:81)(cid:71)(cid:3)(cid:87)(cid:75)(cid:72)(cid:3)(cid:38)(cid:82)(cid:88)(cid:85)(cid:87)(cid:182)(cid:86)(cid:3)(cid:51)(cid:85)(cid:72)(cid:87)(cid:85)(cid:76)(cid:68)(cid:79)(cid:3) Preparation Order (Dkt. No. 36) be stayed until the parties memorialize their settlement agreement. If the parties do not memorialize their settlement agreement by August 31, 2013, the parties shall jointly submit a proposed schedule to the Court to address any deadlines affected by this stay.

IT IS SO ORDERED . August ___, 2013 ____________________________________ 5 Honorable Maxine M. Chesney United States District Court Judge