People of Michigan v. Robert Joseph McMahon

146072 | Mich. | Jan 25, 2013

Order Michigan Supreme Court Lansing, Michigan January 25, 2013 Robert P. Young, Jr., Chief Justice 146072 Michael F. Cavanagh Stephen J. Markman Mary Beth Kelly Brian K. Zahra Bridget M. McCormack, PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, Justices Plaintiff-Appellee, v SC: 146072 COA: 302037 Oakland CC: 2010-233010-FC ROBERT JOSEPH MCMAHON, Defendant-Appellant. _________________________________________/ On order of the Court, the application for leave to appeal the July 24, 2012 judgment of the Court of Appeals is considered, and it is DENIED, because we are not persuaded that the questions presented should be reviewed by this Court. I, Corbin R. Davis, Clerk of the Michigan Supreme Court, certify that the foregoing is a true and complete copy of the order entered at the direction of the Court. January 25, 2013 _________________________________________ p0122 Clerk