Patel v. Immigration & Customs Enforcement

2:07-cv-00241 | W.D. La. | Mar 7, 2007

Case 2:07-0¥:-)00241-P|\/|-APW Document 3 Filed 03/07/07 Page 1 of 1 Page|D #: 15 E C E \ \/ E \N |_AKE. C!~'i)‘-\PL_ES, LA M - 7 2007 gm UNITED sTATEs DISTRICT CoURT ROBERT H. SHEMWELL_, CLERK \ s f .‘ ECT OF LO'J!SiANA `““i"'q" mm WESTERN DISTRICT 0F LoUIsIANA LAKE CHARLES DIVISION ANILKUMAR PATEL : DOCKET NO. 2:07-cv-0241 Section P VS. : JUDGE MINALDI DIRECTOR OF IMMIGRATION & : MAGISTRATE JUDGE WILSON CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT, ET AL. JUDGMENT OF DISMISSAL Having considered the “Motion to Dismiss” [doc. 2] filed by pro se petitioner, Anilkumar Patel, wherein he notifies the court that he has been released from custody and that he wishes to dismiss this petition, it is ORDERED that the motion be GRANTED and that this petition be DISMISSED. THUs oole AND sIGNED in Chambers ar Lake Charles, Louisiana, this L”_ day af March, 2007. IC A MINALDI ED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE