Ogle v. Koorsen Fire & Security, Inc.

3:17-cv-00127 | S.D. Ohio | Feb 15, 2018

U&S€f dflf-CV-UUlZf-VVHH-lViJl\l L)OC #I 4/~]_ l-HEC|Z UZlU/!].U i"E.-IQ€I l OT l |-'ALJ`I:|E_) #I Z/[ IN 'I`HE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DlSTRlCT OF OHIO WESTERN DIVISION (DAYTON) TIFFANY N. OGLE, Case No. 3117-cv-00127 (.ludge Walter H, Rice) Plaintiff, VS. KOORSEN FIRE & SECURITY, INC. and COMMERCIAL SERVICES, INC. and TYCO FIRE PRODUCTS LP and MCDONALDS CORPORATION Det`endants. "`r'ORDER GRANTING PLAINTIFF’S M()'l`l()N FOR VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL The Court has considered Defendant’s Tyco Fire Products LP (“TFP”)’s Motion for Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion to Dismiss all Claims against TFP with prejudice pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 41(a)(2), there being no cross-claims made against TFP and for good cause shown, it is hereby ORDERED that the i\/lotions are GRANTED, and all claims against TFP are DISMISSED With prejudice IT IS SO ORDERED this May cf §§ , 2018. Walter I-I. Rice, Judge U.S. District Court f Southern District of()hio 102696.005. |2528497¢| .doc\'