Nerber v. USA

1:06-cv-01979 | D. Colo. | Jan 31, 2007

Case 1:06-cv-01979-|\/|SK-CBS Document 19 Filed 01/31/07 USDC Co|orado Page 1 of 3 IN THE UN|TED STATES DlSTR|CT COURT FOR THE DlSTRlCT OF COLORADO Civil Action No. 06-cv~019?9-N|SK-CBS ALPHoNso NERBER, F l__L §§ 53 __ curran sr,¢».f‘r_s o!sTP.icT souter DEN‘;-’:'ER, CGLORADG Plaint_iff1 V' JAN 3 1 200? *¢""‘.' ;',".`g"f.'_i"'\-"'" \1’ l:: ga -\a \R uNITEo sTATEs oF AMERic/-\, ‘:J*"“"~'“i‘{' 'P"|%Y:§s Defendant- ¢-.._m-._--~_---»~¢--»~------"""""'“ “”" ""“'"" ORDER GRANT|NG SERV|CE BY UN|TED STATES MARSHAL THlS CAUSE came before the Court on the affidavit in support of the motion for leave to proceed Without prepayment of fees or security pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1915. The Court has granted the plaintiff leave to proceed in forma pauperis lt now is ORDERED that, if appropriate the C|erk shall attempt to obtain a waiver of service from the defendant. |f unable to do so, the United States Nlarshal shall serve a copy of the complaintl summons, order granting leave to proceed pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1915, and all other orders upon the defendant. |f appropriate, the |Vlarsha| shall first attempt to obtain a Waiver of service of these documents pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 4(d). Al| costs of service shall be advanced by the United States. lt is FURTHER ORDERED that the defendant or counsel for the defendant shall respond to the complaint as provided for in the Federa| Ru|es of Civil Procedure after service of process on the defendant. Case 1:06-cv-01979-|\/|SK-CBS Document 19 Filed 01/31/07 USDC Co|orado Page 2 of 3 Dated this 29th day of January, 2007 BY THE COURT: lvlarcia S. Krieger Unitecl States District Judge Case 1:06-cv-01979-|\/|SK-CBS Document 19 Filed 01/31/07 USDC Co|orado Page 3 of 3 IN THE UN|TED STATES D|STR|CT COURT FOR THE D|STR|CT OF COLORADO CERT|F|CATE OF NlAlLlNG Civil Action No. 06-cv-01979-MSK-CBS Alphonso Nerber Reg. No. 28620-086 FCC - Coleman PO Box 1033 Coleman, FL 33521 United States Attorney General - CERT|F|ED Room 5111, lvlain Justice Bldg. 10"‘ and Constitution, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20530 United States Attorney District of Co|orado DEL|VERED ELECTRONICALLY | hereby certify that l have mailed a copy of the ORDER to the above-named individuals, and the following forms to The United States Attorney Genera|, and the United States Attorney’s Office: AMENDED CON|PLA[NT F|LED 1/18/07, SUMMONS, AND NOT!CE OF AVA|LAB|L[TY OF MAGlSTRATE JUDGE on 31 GRE?QMC. LA ci-iAi\/i, cl_ERK By: \_/ Deputy Clerk