Myra A. Abendschein and Gerry A. Abendschein v. GE Capital Mortgage Services, Inc.

10-06-00247-CV | Tex. App. | Oct 25, 2006





No. 10-06-00247-CV


Myra A. Abendschein and

Gerry A. Abendschein,




GE Capital Mortgage Services, Inc.,




From the 74th District Court

McLennan County, Texas

Trial Court No. 2001-1426-3




          On, September 6, 2006, this case was abated and referred to mediation.

          The Court has not been advised that the parties have agreed upon a mediator.  Therefore, the Court assigns Rex D. Davis as mediator for this case.  The telephone number for Mr. Davis is (254) 772-8022.  Mediation must occur within thirty days after the date of the order assigning a mediator.

      Before the first scheduled mediation session, each party must provide the mediator and all other parties with an information sheet setting forth the party’s positions about the issues that need to be resolved.  At or before the first session, all parties must produce all information necessary for the mediator to understand the issues presented.  The mediator may require any party to supplement the information required by this Order.

      Named parties must be present during the entire mediation process, and each corporate party must be represented by a corporate employee, officer, or agent with authority to bind the corporate party to settlement.

      Immediately after mediation, the mediator must advise this Court, in writing, only that the case did or did not settle and the amount of the mediator’s fee paid by each party.  The mediator’s fees will be taxed as costs.  Unless the mediator agrees to mediate without fee, the mediator must negotiate a reasonable fee with the parties, and the parties must each pay one-half of the agreed-upon fee directly to the mediator.

      Failure or refusal to attend the mediation as scheduled may result in the imposition of sanctions, as permitted by law. 


                                                                   PER CURIAM

Before Chief Justice Gray,

          Justice Vance, and

          Justice Reyna

Mediator assigned

Order issued and filed October 25, 2006

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