Mott v. Colorado, People of the State of

1:06-cv-01039 | D. Colo. | Jan 17, 2007

Case 1:06-cv-01039-ZLW Document 19 Filed 01/17/07 USDC Co|orado Page 1 of 1 lN THE UN|TED STATES DlSTRICT COURT FOR THE DlSTRlCT OF COLORADO CiVi[ Action NO. OS-cv-O'lOSQ-ZLW WELDON THEOPH|LOUS |V|OTT, ll, i_ E D UNFT'ED §~."F'.i`\TE"S D|ST l lut-__-.._ . R|CTC ..`l.';¢ _4 ';R, COLORADO DURT Plaintiff, V. THE PEoPLE oF THE sTATE oi= coLoRAoo JAN 1 7 may EL PAso couNTY oF coLoRADo, GE:::J-cav c_ LANGHAM ciTY oF coLoRADo sPRlNes oF coLoRAoo, Cr_E-R,< oFFlcE oi= THE olsTRicT ATToRNEY, and \-\ COLORADO SPR|NGS POLlCE DEPARTIV|ENT, Defendants. MlNUTE ORDER ORDER ENTERED BY SEN|OR JUDGE Z|TA L. WE|NSH|ENK Plaintift“s request for information in a letter to the Court filed on January 12, 2007, Which has been docketed as a motion to clarify, is GRANTED. Plaintiff is required to make monthly filing fee payments in accordance With 28 U.S.C. § 1915 in each case in Which he has been or is granted leave to proceed in forma pauperis until the filing fee is paid in fu|l. Dated: January 17, 2007 Copies of this Minute Order mailed on January 17, 2007, to the following: Weldon Theophilous l\/lott1 || Prisoner No. AOO183633 CJC - 361 2739 E. Las Vegas Street Co|orado Springs, CO 80906 B'&retary/Deputy Clerk