Michael A. Salazar v. HEB Grocery Company, LP and Wal-Mart 1198

04-16-00734-CV | Tex. App. | Apr 4, 2018

Fourth Court of Appeals San Antonio, Texas JUDGMENT No. 04-16-00734-CV Michael A. SALAZAR, Appellant v. HEB GROCERY COMPANY, LP and Wal-Mart #1198, Appellees From the 438th Judicial District Court, Bexar County, Texas Trial Court No. 2016-CI-11032 Honorable John D. Gabriel Jr., Judge Presiding BEFORE CHIEF JUSTICE MARION, JUSTICE ANGELINI, AND JUSTICE ALVAREZ In accordance with this court’s opinion of this date, the trial court’s judgment is AFFIRMED. Costs of this appeal are taxed against Appellant Michael A. Salazar. SIGNED April 4, 2018. _____________________________ Patricia O. Alvarez, Justice