McLerran v. The City of Portland

3:12-cv-00065 | M.D. Tenn. | Oct 16, 2013

WDE"Z'. __`. /LVI(D"L¢/{/.W/wa_¢;r IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 1 i ’/LM WWEW F R T E MIDD () H LE DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE /0 6 g 414 TE,.D‘ AT NASHVILLE MELVIN McLERRAN and DANA HECKART, Plaintiffs, VS. ) ) ) ) ) ) THE cITY oF PoRTLAND and ) JoDY McDoWELL, LUTHER BRATToN, ) sTEvE wHITE, MIKE CALLIS, TIM CoKER,) BRIAN HARBIN and MELvIN MINNIS ) ) ) Defendants. @~W msuj' Consolidated No. 3:12-cv-0006S Judge Nixon Magistrate Judge Bryant JURY DEMAND MOTION TO QUASH NOTICE OF DEPOSITION AND FOR PROTECTIVE ORDER Undersigned counsel for Defendants hereby files this Motion to Quash the Deposition of Defendant Jody McDoWell, Who Was noticed for deposition on September 13, 2013. As set forth in the accompanying affidavit of Aaron S. Guin, recent developments have raised an issue pertaining to undersigned counsel’s duties pursuant to Tennessee Rule of Professional Conduct 1.7. Respectfully submitted, /s/Aaron S. Guin Aaron S. Guin, BPR #21200 FARRAR & BATES, LLP 211 Seventh Avenue North, Suite 500 Nashville, TN 37219 Tel: (615) 254-3060; Fax: (615) 254-9835 Counsel for Defendants