McAlister v. ACandS Inc

1:99-cv-00149 | W.D.N.C. | Jul 15, 2005

JUL l 5 2005 lN THE UN|TED STATES DlSTRlCT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRlCT OF PENNSYLVANlA U_S_ DISTR|ECT COURT W. Dl:-‘.,T. orr lN RE; ASBESTOS PRODUCTS LlABlLITY ) N‘ C' LlTlGATlON (No. vl) ) ClvlL ACT!ON NO. MDL 875 This Documents Re|ates to: USDC-WDNC CLYDE MCAL|STER and Wife, FlLE NO. 1199-CV-149-T M|LDRED J. McAL|STER, et a|., V. ) ) ) ) ) Plaintiffs, ) ) § ACandS, iNCORPORATED, et a|., ) ) ) Defendants. ORDER OF DlSMiSSAL This matter is before the Court upon Motion of the plaintiffs, Char|es B. Raby and Deanne L. Raby, to voluntarily dismiss this action as to defendant Genera| E|ectrio Company (hereinafter "Genera| E|ectric") on|y, pursuant to Ru|e 41 of the Federa| Ruies of Civii Procedure. lt appearing that grounds exist to permit plaintiffs to voluntarily dismiss this action With prejudice as to defendant General Eiectric,l the Court concludes that this motion should be granted. lt is therefore ORDERED, ADJUGED AND DECREED that the action of plaintiffs against defendant Genera| E|ectric on|y,r be dismissed with prejudice This the ll_~lu*day of TUWZ. ,2005. Charies R. Weiner U.S. District Court Judge " " "'"""' ““'“““'_"_'-"'Ww'nnmmuu-d-`m-r--~.H»_- ------- _.-._,. ._-.- l F l gm ll 1 sHE\/il_l_t_-‘, , ,