Lynne Coates v. Farmers Group, Inc.

5:15-cv-01913 | N.D. Cal. | Dec 10, 2015

Case 5:15-cv-01913-LHK Document 83 Filed 12/10/15 Page 1 of 2

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SAN JOSE DIVISION Case No. 15-CV-01913-LHK LYNNE COATES, Plaintiff, CASE MANAGEMENT ORDER v. FARMERS GROUP, INC., et al., Defendants. Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Lori Andrus, Jennie Lee Anderson, Lori Costanzo Defendants’ Attorneys: Nancy Abell, Neal Mollen

A case management conference was held on December 10, 2015. A further case management conference is set for March 16, 2016, at 2:00 p.m. The parties shall file their joint case management statement by March 9, 2016. The joint case management statement shall propose a schedule through trial.

The parties shall file any motions to compel or motions for spoliation with Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins and comply with his pre-filing requirements, if any. By December 14, 2015, Defendants shall provide to Plaintiff the available dates for the eleven requested corporate deponents. 1 28 Case No. 15-CV-01913-LHK CASE MANAGEMENT ORDER

Case 5:15-cv-01913-LHK Document 83 Filed 12/10/15 Page 2 of 2 By December 17, 2015, [1] Defendants shall produce the names of individuals whose documents are responsive to Plaintiff’s requests for document production. The deposition limits previously agreed to by the parties shall apply to the opt-in plaintiffs. Each side may serve up to fifty interrogatories. Discovery is limited to 10% of the opt-in plaintiffs.
As stated in the Court’s December 9, 2015 Order, Plaintiff’s counsel shall send the approved notice to the potential members of the conditionally-certified EPA collective action. ECF No. 78.
The case schedule remains as set: Scheduled Event Date Last Day to Amend Pleadings/Add February 26, 2016 Parties Opening Expert Reports June 2, 2016 Rebuttal Expert Reports June 30, 2016 Close of Expert Discovery July 21, 2016 Briefing Schedule on Motions for Class Motion: July 21, 2016 Certification and/or Decertification Opposition: August 18, 2016
Reply: September 8, 2016 Hearing on Motion for Class September 29, 2016, at 1:30 p.m. Certification


Dated: December 10, 2015



United States District Judge


[1] The Court did not impose the December 17, 2015 deadline at the case management conference. 2 28 Case No. 15-CV-01913-LHK CASE MANAGEMENT ORDER