Landry v. Town of Ferriday

1:08-cv-01616 | W.D. La. | Oct 21, 2009

t F‘ q@§)@§" @"@“"P>»?i"”¢/ €§)Q)@:;E ' ITED sTATES DISTRICT coURT s w `[`\e G'O%\ <>O‘o‘*`l» wEsTERN DISTRICT oF LOUISIANA 96 ‘‘ ALEXANDRIA DIVISION 94 SHAN PEARSON LANDRY CIVIL ACTION NO. 08-1616 VERSUS U.S. DISTRICT JUDGE DEE D. DRELL TOWN OF FERRIDAY, et al U.S. MAGISTRATE JUDGE JAMES D. KIRK J U D G M E N T For the reasons stated in the Report and Recommendation of the Magistrate Judge previously filed herein, and after an independent (de novo) review of the record including the objections filed by petitioner, and having determined that the findings and recommendation.are correct under the applicable law, and, observing that the unnecessary filing observations are not critical to this decision; IT IS ORDERED that the motion to dismiss the bystander liability claims and punitive damages under federal law only, Doc. #4, is GRANTED. The claims are DISMISSED. THUS DONE AND SIGNED, in chambers, in Alexandria, Louisiana, FY# on this 2¢¢2 "’day of October 2009. Dee D. Drell UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE