Kinchen v. Buie

2:06-cv-03516 | E.D. La. | Apr 23, 2007

Case 2:06-cV-03516-KDE Document 19 Filed 04/23/07 _?t_|"§:age`_l of 1 UNITED S'I`ATES DIS'I`RICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF LOUISIANA ROBERT O. KINCHEN CIVIL ACTION VERSUS NO: 06-3516 ED BUIE, ET AL SECTION: “N” (4) M The Court, having considered the complaint, the record, the applicable law, the Partial Report and Recommendation of the United States Magistrate Judge, and the failure of plaintiff to file an objection to the Magistrate Judge ’ s Partial Report and Recommendation, hereby approves the Partial Repoi't and Recornmendation of the United States Magistrate Judge and adopts it as its opinion in this matter. Therefore, IT IS ORDERED that Robert O. Kinchen’s complaint against Ed Buie be DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE for failure to prosecute under Fed. 1:`€£)}’. 4l(b). 20 E;Of /\.Z ,200? New Orleans, Louisiana, this UNITED S_TATEQ DISTRICT JUDGE Fee_.. ___|_\,", F'rooess__.____.__ i,§.. omni M CtRmDep_,_~_- ___,_ Doc. No.