Kent v. Encompass Insurance Co

2:06-cv-02041 | W.D. La. | Dec 28, 2007

Case 2:06-CV-02041-PI\/|-C|\/|H Document 13 Filed 12/28/07 Page 1 of 1 Page|D #: 57 R E C E | V E D lN LAKE CHARLES, |_A DEC 2 8 2007 RDBERT (MWELL, CLERK W£STERN D|STR|CT OF |_OU|S|ANA UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT OF LOUISIANA LAKE CHARLES DIVISION RICHARD KENT : CIVIL ACTION VERSUS : NO. 2:06CV2041 ENCOMPASS [NSURANCE COMPANY : JUDGE MINALDI se MAG. .]UDGE WILSON FILED: DATE ORDER IT IS ORDERED that the above entitled and numbered cause be and it hereby is dismissed with prejudice as to plaintiff, Richard Kent, and defendant, Encompass Insurance Company, as to all demands principal and incidental, all parties to bear their o osts. New Orleans,, this & f da F “§§Q_\ , 2007. J`UDGE