Hadix v. Caruso

4:92-cv-00110 | W.D. Mich. | Jan 8, 2007

Case 4:92-cv-00110-RJJ ECF No. 2263 filed 01/08/07 PageID.6485 Page 1 of 1


SOUTHERN DIVISION _____________________

EVERETT HADIX, et al. , Case No. 4:92-CV-110 Plaintiffs, v. Hon. Richard Alan Enslen PATRICIA L. CARUSO, et al. ,

ORDER Defendants. _____________________________/ Movant Robert Alspaugh, who appears to be alleging that he is a prisoner housed within a Hadix facility and has been denied necessary medicine and medical care, has filed a pro se motion requesting intervention under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 24 and 19. As a putative member of the Hadix class, Plaintiff’s interests are already represented in this suit through the filings of experienced Plaintiff’s counsel, which counsel has more than adequately represented the interests of the plaintiff class. Separate appearance by inmates proceeding pro se is not likely to materially advance the litigation. Other prisoner representatives regularly appear as part of the litigation.

THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Robert Alspaugh’s Motion to Intervene (Dkt. No. 2250) is DENIED . /s/ Richard Alan Enslen DATED in Kalamazoo, MI: RICHARD ALAN ENSLEN January 8, 2007 SENIOR UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE