Eddings v. Otero County State of Colorado

1:05-cv-01407 | D. Colo. | Sep 12, 2005

Case 1:05-cv-01407-ZLW Document 12 Filed 09/12/05 USDC Colorado Page 1 Of 1 § § L, § §§ lN THE UNlTED STATES DlSTRlCT COURT '~ii‘€ii"ii'.i_`j§§i rp{':?:i;?i§r?'€c>um FOR THE DlSTRlCT OF COLORADO """1""‘“""'""“""{":"“!O SEP 12 m Clvl| Actlon No. 05-cv-01407-ZLW GEEGGRY 51 L."‘~.i"~éGl~iAii.ii RANDY EDD|NGS, CL§RK .._.___..__ Applicant, v. OTERO COUNTY, State of Co|orado1 Respondent. M|NUTE ORDER ORDER ENTERED BY SEN|OR JUDGE Z|TA L. WE|NSH|ENK App|icant’s “N|otion for Recovery of Attorney File" and “Nlotion to Amend Original Nlotion for Change of Venue,” both of which were filed on September 9, 2005, will not be considered and are DEN|ED because this action was dismissed on August 11, 2005. Dated: September 12, 2005 Copies of this Minute Order mailed on September 12, 2005, to the following: Randy Eddings 103 East Oak A Pod - A-2 Lamar, CO 81052 w Sec£et€r§//lDeputy Cierk