Driggs v. Cherry Creek School District No. 5

1:08-cv-00558 | D. Colo. | Sep 29, 2008


FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Senior District Judge Richard P. Matsch

__________________________________________________________________________ ORDER FOR CALENDAR CALL ___________________________________________________________________________ Upon review of the files in the civil actions that are subject to this order, the Court has determined that trials should now be scheduled by convening a Calendar Call to be attended by trial counsel. Recognizing that discovery may not have been completed, that motions may be pending and that there have been no pretrial conferences held, the Court must depend upon counsel to provide necessary information in a joint statement to be handed up when the case is called . Accordingly, it is

ORDERED that counsel responsible for the trial of the cases on the attached list will appear at a Calendar Call on December 5, 2008, in Courtroom A, Second Floor, the Byron White United States Courthouse, 1823 Stout Street, Denver, Colorado, at the time designated.

In all cases, counsel are directed to meet at least 10 days before the Calendar Call and prepare a joint status statement answering the following questions: Has all discovery been completed? Is it reasonable to expect that counsel will agree on a pretrial order

without convening a pretrial conference? Are any motions pending or contemplated? Is this a jury trial? What is the expected length of trial? What is the probability of settlement?

These statements will be handed up at the Calendar Call, and will be considered in setting the trial date. Counsel responsible for the case must be present to respond to the court’s questions. Trial dates are expected to be within six months of the Calendar Call.

Dated: September 29, 2008 BY THE COURT: s/Richard P. Matsch _________________________________ Richard P. Matsch, Senior District Judge


December 5, 2008

8:00 a.m. 07-cv-395 JENNIFER ANNE BLAIR v. Seth J. Benezra THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER John A. Culver AND HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER through its Daniel E. Friesen Board, THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY Shannon Henderson OF COLORADO Patrick O’Rourke

07-cv-1366 RAUL SERRANO v. Rosemary Orsini ARKINS PARK STONE CORP. and Dennis J. Baarlaer


07-cv-2107 CHANELLE COSPER v. Theodore J. Finn ASURION PROTECTION SERVICES, LLD, Donald L. Samuels f/k/a LOCK/LINE, LLC

07-cv-2114 RICK BARNHART v. John Zodrow CAREFREE/SCOTT FETZER COMPANY Stephen D. Bell d/b/a CAREFREE OF COLORADO Jennifer Good

07-cv-2277 JOHN FITZGERALD v. Kris J. Kostolansky DAVID KRIEN; Joshua F. Bugos KRIEN METHOD, INC.; T. Lane Wilson KRIEN METHOD INDUSTRIES, LLC; and Conor Farley


07-cv-2278 INA JEAN FLETCHER v. Michael T. Lowe LARIMER COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE and Jeannine S. Haas JAMES A. ALDERDEN William Ressue

07-cv-2547 CHRISTINE LEVY LEONARD v. Edward J. Cord ADVANCE STORES COMPANY, INC.; William T. O’Connell f/k/a Tire and Auto Holdings, Inc.; ADVANCE MERCHANDISING COMPANY, INC., and


8:30 a.m. 07-cv-2613 KATHY PUSATORY v. Douglas Gradisar PUEBLO SCHOOL DISTRICT #60 Sonja S. McKenzie BOARD OF EDUCATION PUEBLO SCHOOL James L. Pagano


Senior Judge Richard P. Matsch Calendar Call, December 5, 2008 8:30 a.m. (Cont’d) 07-cv-2663 SHARON HUNTER v. John R. Olsen FARMERS GROUP, INC. Stephanie Ries Thomas P. Johnson 08-cv-558 ELLIOT DRIGGS v. H. Craig Skinner CHERRY CREEK SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 5 Sonja S. McKenzie Maria T. Lighthall 08-cv-1092 SANDRA K. KLINGE v. Cornell Johnson TARGET CORPORATION d/b/a John R. Chase SUPERTARGET Paul R. Flick

08-cv-71 HARLEY BARFOOT v. John A. Kintzele PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF COLORADO Susan P. Klopman d/b/a EXCEL ENERGY Meghan W. Martinez

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