Cruz v. Opm

13-3156 | Fed. Cir. | Oct 18, 2013

Case: 13-3156 Document: 14 Page: 1 Filed: 10/18/2013 NOTE: This order is nonprecedential. United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit __________________________ ILUMINADO DELA CRUZ, Petitioner, v. OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT, Respondent. __________________________ 2013-3156 __________________________ Petition for review of the Merit Systems Protection Board in No. SF0842120596-I-1. __________________________ ON MOTION __________________________ ORDER The Office of Personnel Management moves for a stay of the deadline to file its response brief and the briefing schedule until the end of the lapse in appropriations to the Department of Justice, and for an extension of time, until October 28, 2013, to file its response brief. Upon consideration thereof, Case: 13-3156 Document: 14 Page: 2 Filed: 10/18/2013 CRUZ V. OPM 2 IT IS ORDERED THAT: The motions are granted to the extent that the Office of Personnel Management’s brief is due no later than October 28, 2013. FOR THE COURT /s/ Daniel E. O’Toole Daniel E. O’Toole Clerk s27