Climate Makers of Charleston, Inc. v. Department of Corrections

CC-80-88 | W. Va. Ct. Cl. | Mar 7, 1980


This claim was submitted for decision based on the allegations of the Notice of Claim and the respondent’s Answer.

Claimant seeks payment of the sum of $2,568.00 for six air conditioners delivered to respondent’s West Virginia State Penitentiary.

In its Answer, the respondent admits the allegations set forth in the Notice of Claim, but states also that there were no funds remaining in the respondent’s appropriation for the fiscal year in question from which the obligation could have been paid.

While we feel that this is a claim which in equity and good conscience should be paid, we are of further opinion that an award cannot be made, based on our decision in Airkem Sales and Service, et al. v. Department of Mental Health, 8 Ct. Cl. 180" date_filed="1971-01-19" court="W. Va. Ct. Cl." case_name="Airkem Sales & Service v. Department of Mental Health">8 Ct.Cl. 180 (1971).

Claim disallowed.