Brantley v. Bossier Sheriff Correctional Facility

2:06-cv-01692 | W.D. La. | Jan 17, 2007

RECE|VED m LA.KE cHARl_ES, LA J 1 7 2097 UNITED STATES I}ISTRICT COURT mm H_ sH£m,ELL' mm wEsTERN msTRICT oF LoulslANA WESTEHN D|'STR|CT OF LOU\‘S|AHA LAKE CHARLES DIVISION RILEY ISADORE BRANTLEY, JR. CIVIL ACTION NO. 06-1692 VS. SECTION P WARDEN, BOSSIER SHERIFF’S JUDGE MINALDI CORRECTIONS FACILITY MAGISTRATE JUDGE WILSON J U D G M E N T For the reasons contained in the Report and Recomrnendation of the Magistrate Judge filed previously herein, noting the absence objections thereto, and concurring with the Magistrate Judge’s findings under the applicable law; I'l` IS ORDERED that the instant petition for habeas corpus be DENIED AND DISMISSED WITH PREJUI)ICE as time-barred and procedurally defaulted. THUS DoNE ANI) slGNED, in chambers, in Lake charles, Louisiana, on this l% day of § b g , 2006. ‘ TED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE