Best Western Intl v. Oasis Investments LP

2:04-cv-00132 | D. Ariz. | Apr 4, 2006

Case 2:04-cv-00132-PGR Document 28 Filed 04/04/06 Page 1 of 2

WO IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA Best Western International, Inc., ) No. CV 04-0132-PHX-PGR ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Plaintiff, vs. ORDER Oasis Investments, L.P., et al.,

Defendants. This Court having granted Plaintiff Best Western International, Inc.'s ("Best Western") Motion for Partial Summary Judgment as to Counts I and II in its Complaint, and having considered Best Western's Motion for Award of Attorneys' Fees and Non-Taxable Expenses,

IT IS ORDERED that judgment is entered against Defendants Oasis Investments, L.P. and Richard M. Knapp ("Defendants") in the amount of $152,293.79 on Counts I and II of Best Western's Complaint; and in the amount of $9,601.80 representing the award of attorneys' fees and non-taxable expenses. Interest shall accrue on the foregoing amounts at the rate of 10% per annum until paid.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Counts III through IX of the Plaintiff's Complaint are hereby dismissed. DATED this 3 rd day of April, 2006. Case 2:04-cv-00132-PGR Document 28 Filed 04/04/06 Page 2 of 2 - 2 -