Barbour v. Collins

7:09-cv-00393 | W.D. Va. | Sep 29, 2009

CLERK'S OFF|CE U.S. D|ST. COURT AT ROANOKE. VA F|LED SEP 2 9 2009 IN THE UNITED sTATES DISTRICT CoURT ;3_"" F- CORC AN. CLEF\K. FoR THE WESTERN DiSTRICT oF VIRGINIA ' DEPU éfé{§¢{ I.E RoANoKE DIvIsIoN KENNETH EI)WARD BARBoUR, ) Civil Action No. 7=09-cv-00393 Plaintiff, ) ) v. ) oRDER ) C/O W.A. COLLINS, et al., ) By: Hon. James C. Turk Defendants. ) Senior United States District Judge In accordance with the memorandum opinion entered this day, it is hereby ORDERED that plaintiffs complaint is DISMISSED without prejudice and STRICKEN from the active docket of the court. The Clerk is directed to send copies of this order and the accompanying memorandum opinion to plaintiff ENTER; This Zi% day 0fseptember,2009. (/Z/MMM Sen%r)United States District Jhlge Case 7:09-cv-00393-.]CT-mfu Document 6 Filed 09/29/09 Page 1 of 1 Pageid#: 68