Bailey v. Prator

5:08-cv-00794 | W.D. La. | Feb 19, 2009

LJ`S. D|STR|CTCOURT .NESxERN DlsTRlcT OF LOU'SU\NA RECENED -sHREvEPORT FEB 1 g gggg UNITEI) sTATEs DISTRICT COURT K ;$BE“T“'S ° R THE wEsTERN DISTRICT oF LoUISIANA E SHREVEPORT DIVISION DERRICK DEWAYNE BAILEY CIVIL ACTION NO. 08-794-P VERSUS JUDGE STAGG STEVE PRATOR, ET AL. MAGISTRATE JUDGE HORNSBY J U D G M E N T For the reasons stated in the Report and Recornmendation of the Magistrate Judge previously filed herein, and alter an independent review of the record, and noting the lack of written objections filed by Plaintiff and determining that the findings are correct under the applicable law; IT IS ORDERED that Plaintiff’ s complaint is DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE, for failure to prosecute, pursuant to Rule 41(b) of the F ederal Rules of Civil Procedure. THUS DONE 15 SIGNED, in chambers, at Shreveport, Louisiana, on this Z§z&aay of l /\./)v‘-¢'-\ 2009. TOM STAGG UNITED S'I`ATES DISTRIC JUDGE