B. Shackman & Co. v. United States

No. P67/153; protest 65/953 (New York); No. P67/154; protest 65/1838 (New York); No. P67/155; protest 65/19106 (New York) | Cust. Ct. | May 11, 1967

OliteR, J.

In accordance with stipulation of counsel that the merchandise covered by the foregoing protests consists of plastic paperweights similar in all material respects to those the subject of Ace Importing Co., Inc. v. United States (50 Cust. Ct. 226" date_filed="1963-03-06" court="Cust. Ct." case_name="Ace Importing Co. v. United States">50 Cust. Ct. 226, Abstract 67488), the claim of the plaintiffs was sustained.